The Unusual Usual…


I have a gallery on my website: The Common Found Uncommon. 

It contains some of my images which I consider to be “the Unusual Usual”. Ordinary subjects found (created) in extraordinary circumstances of light, atmosphere, mood. Please visit it when you get some time.

black walnut trees in an orchard with brown grasses
The Sleeping Orchard

I believe that these circumstances happen all around us every day. Often times, we’re too busy with our lives to see them, much less pay attention to them. If we take the time, however, great things can happen.

I relish the encounter of of these conditions because I know that if I pay attention to what’s caught my eye, or my imagination, or my excitement, then unusually creative images may result.

You can do this too. You just have to be ready. And “ready” in this sense of the word means not only having your camera available and knowing how to use it properly, but ready to let your mind accept the opportunity that caught your attention in the first place.  Pull over. Take the time. Go ahead and pay attention. Be There…!

This scene of a black walnut orchard really caught my eye because of the play of contrasts, enhanced with the strong back lighting effect of the morning sun.


Misty Waters


I  often drive by this little area of wetlands, and last year, I happened by when the low early morning sun shown down on the misty waters. I imagined that the shadows on the mist made the scene appear like a waterfall of misty light!



Shadow Lines in a Fog-filled Valley



I was excited to see filtered sunlight and the shadowy lines it made on the foggy valley below. I used a long telephoto lens (250+mm) to isolate the elements that interested me the most.