The images I photograph in nature convey many things to many people – vibrant color, emotions and the enormity and wonder of the world around us. To me, as the creator of these pictures, they represent all these things plus something much more personal. I am somehow connected to the scene and carry this feeling with me as I take each new photograph.  I have found this awareness of self in the world around me plays a special part in the creation of the next successful image.

I explore nature’s beauty constantly – up a mountain, down to a waterfall and out to my own backyard.   I photograph the majestic and the minute, all focused on capturing the spirit within.  At the end of the day, I want my photography to take my viewers out there with me, on their own journey, through my art.

Also, please check out my Flickr site with over 2,000 more images. Find something you like and email me the link to the image (“www” info in address bar in your browser) and I’ll put it on this site for your purchase!